Free State fees for 2018

Fees if your license falls under the 2010 Act:

Accommodation establishment, except Guesthouse R5 275.00
Accommodation establishment Guesthouse R3 693.00
Restaurant R3 165.00
Club R3 165.00
Tavern R2 638.00
Night Club R5 275.00
Gambling Establishment R10 550.00
Liquor Store: Wholesale R5 275.00
Liquor Store: Other Liquor Store R3 165.00
Authorized dealer of methylated spirits R1 055.00
Grocer’s Wine R5 275.00
Micro- Manufacturing of Liquor/ Methylated Spirits R5 275.00


Fees if your license falls under the 1989 Act:

On consumption
Hotel Liquor License R1 392.00
Wine House R417.00
Restaurant Liquor License R696.00
Club Liquor License R557.00
Sorghum Beer (On consumption) R208.00
Special (Employers) R2 087.00
Special (Tavern) R417.00
Special (Accomodation) R1 183.00
Special (Eating House) R417.00
Special (other) R2 087.00
Sportsground R1 392.00
Theatre Liquor R1 392.00


Off Consumption
Brewers’s License R4 174.00
Liquor store R2 087.00
Grocer’s wine R1 392.00
Wine farmers R417.00
Sorghum beer brewers R4 174.00
Sorghum beer (Off consumption) R696.00
Producers R418.00


Free State Prov Gazette No.94 17 November 2017

Northern Cape Fees 2017

Hotel Liquor License: R2250
Restaurant Liquor License: R2250
Club Liquor License: R1750
Tavern License: R2500
Night Club License: R3000
Liquor Store License: R1750
Guest House License: R1000
Gambling House License: R1500
Grocer’s wine License: R1250
Micro-Manufacturing License: R2000
Theatre Liquor License: R1000
Wine-house License: R2250

License fees 2017 North West

The license fees for North West has stayed the same as last year. Here it is for reference

Tavern License (On Consumption) R100
Liquor/ Bottle Store (Off Consumption) R1000
Restaurant License R250
Hotel/Accommodation R500
Club Liquor License R250
Theatre Liquor License R250
Wholesale Liquor License R2000